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November 27 2012


Where To locate Acupuncture Schools On-line

Acupuncture is a well known alternative medicine. Opinions are controversial and range from its effectiveness being -˜just a placebo effect' to -˜a viable treatment for pain, nausea, disease, and it promotes general health, among other things'.

Most needles are made of stainless steel wire, either disposable or re-usable when sterilized. Depending on the individual patient's pain threshold, patients find the treatment easy or difficult to endure in varying degrees. Thinner needles tend to be less painful, but can be more flexible and sometimes require supporting tubes for insertion.

A suggestion has been made that it all began with inexplicable cures and pain relief in some soldiers who had been mildly wounded by small, sharp arrows in battle.

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An interesting link in Europe gives evidence that acupuncture may have been a universally accepted treatment in ancient times, and that the treatment did not arise originally from China alone, as is generally supposed.

However, in time, the art of acupuncture seems to have been lost to the western world, and it was only in the 16th century that Portuguese missionaries discovered this practice in the east. By this time it had spread from China to many countries of Eastern Asia.

At the initial consultation, the patient's health is assessed by the practitioner. According to which part of the body is affected and needs attention, the acupuncture needles are inserted into the meridians serving those parts. In the face or other sensitive areas, smaller needles are used, while in the fleshy areas, the practitioner may prefer to use longer needles.

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In the Alps between Austria and Italy, the mummified body of a man was discovered in 1991. Preserved in the ice glacier it is estimated that he, today called -˜Otzi', died about 5,300 years ago. What is of particular interest to believers in acupuncture is that he has 15 groups of tattoos on his body. Some of these are located on what are now known to be acupuncture points.

In the culture of acupuncture, health is believed to be a condition of balance between the yin and yang. The channels along which these metaphysical energies flow in the body are called meridians. These channels are sometimes derived from astrological symbols, but in ancient Chinese lore they represented the network of rivers in China.

Acupuncture's earliest written records go back to the 2nd century BC. But much earlier clues are given to its practise, in the discovery of sharpened shards of stone, dating back to 1600 BC.

Metal needles are a relatively -˜modern' invention. The original practitioners used stone and then bone needles right up until the 2nd century BC.

Quite a large number of mainline medical health professionals regard acupuncture as a promising complementary form of pain treatment, when carried out by licensed practitioners. But many doctors would like to see further and deeper research into the practice of acupuncture. Some medical aids in various countries cover acupuncture treatments in co operation with medical consultations.

In the middle of the 17th century a Dutch doctor called Willem ten Rhijne wrote the first European literature on acupuncture and his proposal that it might help to relieve pain in arthritis sufferers. It was met with both praise and scepticism, pretty much as it still is today.

It is believed, in virtually all branches of medicine, that if the needles used are sterile and the practitioner is skilled and experienced, the acupuncture treatment can do no harm. This fact is what makes many people feel confident to try it out as an experiment. Many patients who undergo the treatment are surprised and extremely happy with the results.

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November 14 2012


Some Fundamentals To know about Acupuncture Therapy

How Acupuncturist in Jersey City Takes Care of Your Soreness

By blending east principles having a meridian kind design acupuncture the Jersey City acupuncturist will treat performance damages and myofascial soreness by integrating oriental medication with incorporated acupuncture into your healthy lifestyle to aid reduce chances by everything 80 percent.

Managing fat, eating healthy, building your weight, decreasing anxiety and improving sleep too s handling hypertension can all feel successfully treated with oriental medication and acupuncture.

Managing Numerous Ailments Through Jersey City Acupuncturist

Acupuncture has really proved to be of great value in a lot of people's lives because it helps people needs in numerous fields that vary from controlling high blood pressure maintaining your weight. It is famous that acupuncture happens to be practiced to get more than 5000 years. It is a wellness process even though some individuals still doubt its effectiveness as an alternative medicine.

How People Reach Quit Smoking

Each of us know how difficult it can feel to quit smoking. Have you considered enlisting the help of an acupuncturist Jersey City that can help with the attempts to quit being addicted to nicotine?

The amount of individuals within the US alone that like to quit smoking are estimated to be more than 70 %. That is huge, but being addicted, they are really not able to stop the bad habit that is detrimental to their wellness. Acupuncture happens to be mentioned to be a good alternative method to smoking cessation and has been quoted to lower nicotine cravings also as alleviate withdrawal symptoms like anxiousness, irritability and concentration difficulty.

Speculations Around Acupuncture

Many healthcare providers feel that acupuncture has its advantages and most feel it actually functions due to its effect on our nervous system. Your Jersey City acupuncturist can certainly testify to the truth that certain points in your body are effectively stimulated through needles, whereby biochemicals get introduced to help ease the pain. Neurohormones and neurotransmitters that get released through getting treatment that was stimulated by the chemistry of the mind, helps your body to feel healthier total.

Sadly there continues to be skepticism from numerous avenues whether these techniques actually works, but be confident that there are few if any medical dangers associated in getting addressed from a Jersey City acupuncturist. It is definitely worth the danger, because medical care had little influence and didn't assist your pain.

What Are The Benefits You Will Get From Acupuncture?

Individuals experiencing arthritis performed Western medicine to help them deal utilizing it, but it proved to feel unsuccessful. Regarding the other hand acupuncture is a lot more affordable and data have shown it definitely contribute to aid ease the soreness people experience from arthritis.

Besides, not just does it suppress numerous wellness signs, but it also prevents the condition from returning. Jersey City chinese acupuncturist use acupuncture to aid boost the immunity mechanism, promote typical health and as increase circulation that in turn improve healing. Should you decide should are afflicted with an ailment and are looking for solutions, then we ask that you consider seeking the assistance of a Jersey City acupuncturist.

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October 08 2012


The Benefits and Background of Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Fertility Why Is Acupuncture So Effective In Treating Infertility

With the success rates of acupuncture in treating infertility so high it's a wonder why every women who is struggling wouldn't consider it. Acupuncture studies have proven acupuncture to increase IVF efficacy rates to 50% and for those who have tried everything, acupuncture has fulfilled the dreams of many once childless couples. Acupuncture has been used for fertility issues for thousands of years. The Emperor would employ acupuncturist to come to the palaces and ensure the wife and concubines produced healthy heirs. In the 21st Century we are seeing both an increase in fertility issues and women choosing to conceive later in life. Many couples who struggle to get pregnant eventually seek out professional help and are advised to employ fertility drugs or other Assisted Reproductive Technologies namely IVF and IUI. The question is what is acupuncture's role in helping a woman conceive?When we learn the intricacies of the female reproductive system and understand the gentle cascade of rhythmic hormonal flows that must occur in perfect orchestration, we realize conception truly is a wonder. In this beautiful primal process it doesn't take something serious to throw it off. It can be that the hormones in the meat you are eating are altering your estrogen and testosterone levels. That in turn can begin to alter the levels and cycles of other hormones necessary for normal follicular, ovulatory and luteal cycles. Or it can be that the stress you are dealing with at work is altering pH levels of your cervical mucus and making it hostile to sperm. Or it can be that you are dealing with unknown food sensitivities that are creating a compromised immune system making it difficult for your body to support a pregnancy. There are a myriad of other possibilities. Acupuncturist who treat reproductive issues are trained to detect underlying issues in both the Western and Eastern Medical perspective.Acupuncture understands how to detect even subtle imbalances. More importantly it knows how to address those imbalances so that the body is restored to homeostasis and conception and pregnancy can occur. In an example, by observing a woman with a pale complexion, puffiness of the face and complaints of tiredness and poor digestive health an acupuncturist may assess that the spleen qi is deficient which affects proper blood production and quality. This in turn can affect the quality and thickness of the endometrial lining which is needed for successful embryo implantation. An acupuncturist can detect how a yin imbalance in the body is not allowing for sufficient fertile cervical fluid which is needed for the proper transport of sperm to egg. Having an understanding and way to address subtle and not so subtle imbalances can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of natural conception or that which is aided by IVF.Couples who are regularly treated with acupuncture find that their health often greatly improves. Because Acupuncture is a system of medicine that works to bring balance to the entire system there is an overall improvement on the physical, mental and emotional level. The stress that accompanies fertility issues can be quite taxing on couples. This anxiety and worry gets addressed and benefits greatly from acupuncture with its calming effect on the nervous system. With IVF treatments the health and thickness of the endometrial lining can be addressed and treated with acupuncture which in turn significantly increases (50%) the chance of proper implantation of the embryo. Acupuncture increases blood to the ovaries which improves their functioning and nourishes developing follicles. Acupuncture helps with implantation by reducing uterine spasming. Acupuncture prepares the body for conception and supports the body during pregnancy by treating morning sickness, excess edema and works to prevent possible miscarriage; and is used to aid in a healthy delivery and is a wonderful postpartum support.In conclusion, acupuncture and an Acupuncturist's role in reproductive health is a vital one. An acupuncturist who treats fertility issues will teach you when your most fertile time is and give you diet and lifestyle advice. The acupuncture will be increasing blood flow to the ovaries, thickening the endometrial lining, addressing hormonal imbalances, healing PMS and giving the body a better foundation in which to have a healthy and thriving pregnancy.

October 05 2012


Exactly where To locate Acupuncture Colleges On-line

Can Electro Acupuncture Boost IVF Success

According to a new research, women who are getting electronic acupuncture session for infertility treatment might have a higher chance of conceiving. The study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility examined 309 women undergoing the IVF process. It was observed that those women who revived electrotherapy during the time of embryo transfer had a higher chance of giving birth.IVF treats infertility. In this treatment, ovulatory process is controlled with medications. Ova (eggs) are removed from the body, fertilized with a sperm outside the human body and later implanted into the uterus.TEAS is one form of electronic acupuncture used in treating infertility. TEAS (Transcutaneous Electrical Acupoint Stimulation) is a variant of the common electrotherapy procedure TENS. It is a safe, standardized method which does not use any needle. Cutaneous electrodes are applied at classical Chinese acupoints. Alternate low and high frequency electric currents are generated.In the above mentioned research, conducted in China, it has been found that this method when used during IVF process can significantly improve live birth rates and pregnancy.Since long, acupuncture has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for infertility treatment. The new twist is TEAS. It makes use of the basic principle of acupuncture. The study in Fertility and Sterility shows that live birth rates can jump from 21% to 42%.For this study, the team of researchers thought TEAS would be more easily replicated on subjects and hence it was preferred on traditional acupuncture. The women selected for this research:· Were infertile,· Were between 21 to 44 of age· Did not have any previous experience with acupuncture, and· Were doing a fresh or frozen embryo transfer cycleResearchers divided women into three groups: a placebo group, a group receiving treatment 30 minutes after embryo transfer and the third group which received treatment 24 hours earlier as well as 30 minutes after the treatment.Those women who received single treatment had clinical pregnancy rate of 42.7 %while those with double treatment had 50%. Live birth rates were 37.3% and 42% for both these groups respectively.This study forms part of a growing body of conflicting reaches which fuel the debate whether acupuncture can increase success rate of IVF.Earlier in 2002 in Germany, a study reported that traditional needle acupuncture improved pregnancy rates in women seeking IVF. The study did not consider birth rates.Some researches conclude there is no conclusive evidence that acupuncture improved success rate of IVF. Dr. Tarek El-Toukhy, a reproductive medicine specialist maintains that larger scale clinical trials should be conducted before adopting electro-acupuncture as an infertility treatment method.
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